Utility Token and Blockchain Programming

Agency Media is North America’s leading blockchain programming and cryptocurrency creation service.  Our team specializes in custom SOL coding and ERC-20 utility token creation on the Binance Blockchain ( BSC ).   In addition, if you require, as a full service IT and marketing agency, we can also provide you with a turn key token development experience including website development, logo creation, content writing and marketing campaigns.

ERC-20 Utility Token Creation Service

Our ERC-20 utility token coding and development package allows those that want to launch their own utility token a cost effective means to achieve their objective.   Our team of experts will handle all aspects of the token creation including coding, deployment and listing the token on qualified exchanges so that others can purchase your newly minted token.

We can also provide you guidance on creating liquidity to your token and maximizing its growth potential.

Ordering Terms

Our ERC-20 Utility Token Creation Service is a turn key utility token development package that will create a fully functioning token on the Binance blockchain.

The service includes.

  1. Programming, deployment and contract execution of a ERC-20 token on the BSC Blockchain.
  2. An unlimited amount of initial token supply to be determined by you.
  3. You may retain any amount of tokens you desire from your initial token supply.
  4. We will list your token on the Pancake Swap token exchange and provide you instructions on how to create liquidity with your token if you are unsure of process. ( Essentially the process of creating an initial value to your newly minted token )

As part of our service, we also provide expert guidance and consulting on the entire strategic process of launching your new token including

  1. How to conduct your presale distribution of tokens.  This part of the process allows you to distribute the tokens from your ether wallet to any other wallet you choose.  You will have no limit on the amount of persons / wallets you want to send tokens from your initial supply to and can either give these away or charge others to purchase your tokens before they go live on an exchange.
  2. Effective strategy development to create value and wealth from your new token.  Once your token is launched you will need to let retail cryptocurrency traders and investors know that your token is live and ready for purchase which is an important part of creating value and profit for your new token creation.   Our team will provide you with strategy and documentation on how to maximize your return on investment.

Token Creation Pricing

ERC-20 Token Creation Package Fee: 

$349.00 USD plus 1% of initial token allocation.

Billing and Payment Information

Canadian customers:  We accept Interact Email Transfers, wire transfers and credit card payments.

USA Customers.  We accept wire transfers and credit card payments.

We do all billing as invoice based and our administration team will set up the contract and invoice for your package.   Payment is due upon receipt.

Please email are team at newclients@agencymedia.ca to begin your onboarding process.

Additional Services Available:

To assist our clients in their project creation, we offer the following optional services.

Token name creation:  $149
Our creative team will assist you in creating / deciding on a new name for your token as well as researching availability on the blockchains as well as finding a matching domain for your project.

Logo Creation:  $199
Our graphic arts team can create you a high-end professional logo for your project including a token symbol and favicon for your website.

Website Development $1299
Our web development team can design a stunning professional website for your new token that will be fully optimized and will impress visitors. Click here to see a sample of one of our new client token launch sites

In addition, we also offer a full line of marketing, social media and SEO services which can be customized to your needs.

Contact Us

To get started on your new token email us at newclients@agencymedia.ca or use the form below.