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We know it’s hard to figure out who to decide upon when it comes to finding a white label development agency for your lead generation business and if you’ve been doing this for long – you’ve likely had your share of problems using sites like Freelancer.com and Upwork.

With us, we can provide you high-end Wordpress websites that will knock the socks off your clients.  They will be fast, fully optimized and work right out of the gate.  We’re based out of Canada and have been building WP sites since 2008.

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Everything is Possible

For 20 years we’ve been on the cutting edge of web design and our team of programmers can create literally any kind of site concept you can dream up. From massive eCommerce sites and social media portals to small business and non-profit charity sites –  we’ve built one – and if it’s never been done before then we will be the ones to create it.     We can code any function for you and bring any idea or concept you have to life.   Talk to us today about your idea and we’ll show you how easy it is to make it a reality.

North American Know How

For those that have traveled anywhere outside of the English speaking world, you saw first hand how different cultures are around the globe.   Exotic, beautiful and unique is a great way to describe them.  But is it unrealistic to think that a fellow in India can have any real idea of your business and your customers back in a land that is as exotic to them as theirs is to us.

We know we would have a hard time designing a website for a company in India simply because we don’t understand their culture, the intricacies of their language or their markets.   As a North American design firm – we understand the culture and your customers.   This has a huge impact on how your website will turn out.

Intelligent Design

The great thing about working with us is that we have the ability to visual a project, and then execute it.  We take the time to understand your needs and goals and then our team of artists and tech people create a site that is outstanding.   As one of our recent clients told us, ” you guys just get it and I don’t have to hold your hand on every page and every word. ”

This is a common sentiment from clients who have tried to work with offshore firms in the past which magnifies how smoothly our project development process is.   From start to finish we deliver intelligent results.   This means our sites not only function like a website should, but they are built from the ground up to be in sync with your customers expectations and needs.

What’s Included With Our Websites…

A Total Turn Key Solution

Website development is a natural extension of the lead generation business you’re building up – the problem is finding a decent developer that can produce you sites for your clients that aren’t either total junk or far too expensive to add a mark up on.  With us, we can provide you great looking websites at rates that make sense for you.   Take a look at what our sites include…

A World Class Website

We create beautiful websites that make our clients look awesome.  From Fortune 500 clients to small businesses wanting to look like a million bucks – our sites are modern, polished and will establish you as a professional leader in your marketplace.   Our team of designers are experts in the use of color, image placement, and graphic design.

Fully SEO Optimized

A website needs to be built from the ground up to be fully optimized for Google.  This means it needs to run fast, load quickly and have all intricate components of proper search engine optimization built right into its code from the very beginning.  Our sites are all built using cutting edge SEO specs and are specifically designed to rank high in Google’s search results.

Fully Secured

One of the divisions of our company is our Senvira Cyber Security Division which specializes in digital security.   ( www.senvira.com )  We use a proprietary system of protecting both your new website and its server from the bad guys and create each of our sites to be fully secure from hackers.   This is a added value component worth $1700 included with your bid.

Tested on All Devices

All of our site designs are built to appear correctly on all devices including desktops monitors, laptops, smartphones including Android and iPhones as well as tablets.   During the development process, your site will be continually tested to ensure it appears correctly on all popular devices to ensure maximum compatibility when your site is viewed on the internet.

Social Media Synced

Integrating your website with all of your social media accounts is important in today’s wired up world.  Your site will be fully connected to any social media accounts you may have including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, and Linkedin.  ( And don’t worry – we can even set those up for you if you need us to )

Turn Key Delivery

The whole point of hiring a professional to do your site is to remove the stress, time and headaches of the entire process.  For us, that means handling the entire project – from concept to final delivery as a turnkey product.   No technical headaches, extra costs or problems.  Just a great, functioning website as promised.

Meet Your Client Portal

The Client Tracking Portal provides our clients the ability to see in real time the progress of their website.   This private communications center shows you the ongoing development of your website from an internal view point and how each segment of the development process is advancing.   You’ll be in direct communication with your project manager and the entire creative time that is working on your website.

All of our websites are…

Simply Beautiful

Business & Marketing Experts

In our 25 years in business, there isn’t much we haven’t seen or experienced.  Our ability to solve complex challenges sets us apart from any other design agency in the world.  As a full marketing and advertising agency, we offer our clients the unique ability to have their project handled completely in-house by top creative minds in the industry.    Branding, advertising campaigns, turn around projects, complex coding, cybersecurity, mobile apps, search engine optimization – we have the team to do it all.

Cost Effective Development

An important part of business success is cost management.   We take great pride in our ability to deliver projects on budget and at a rate that is an accurate reflection of the time and manpower that it takes to build a professional website.  We have no hidden costs or surprises ever.   Our entire business process is built around the rock solid belief in building lasting partnerships with our clients and is why over 90% of our new business comes from referrals.

Please note – as a long-standing service provider with Freelancer.com and our commitment to all parties  – all projects originating from Freelancer contacts will need to be booked through their website as part of their terms of service.